About Us

In a nutshell our body of believers came together officially as Bedford Valley Assembly of God way back in 1954! As such, there is a rich history for God and His Kingdom here. In 1973 there was a move into what is now our current home, 5973 Bedford Valley Road Bedford, PA 15522. We have been a part of the Potomac Ministry Network of the General Council of The Assemblies of God since our birth as a body of believers loving God and others. That is a very brief history lesson about us. Now let’s get to some more up to date information you might find helpful.

Our vision and mission statement is this:

We are Real People, in the Real World, with Real Needs, who love a Real God! As such we encourage you to come be “Real” with us.

We accomplish this being “Real” as we all help each other to “REACH for & to God, while we also TEACH for & about God, all while we SERVE for & love God and others!”

Please continue to visit our other pages for more that we pray encourages you!